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    Place your bets. We did, and we won BIG with the All In line! Just like in a game of poker, because we went all-in, we’ll show you our cards. Get excited; it’s quite the hand!

    *All All In juices are a 50% PG / 50% VG blend and come in 30ml bottles*

    • 2 Pair: The entire pot is all yours with this terrific blend! Enjoy a creamy coconut and strawberry cream blend topped with fresh raspberries all day long.
    • Flush: Flush is that perfect blend, as it will liven your palate with the creamy root beer sensation it provides! Remember, it’s not gambling when you have great cards, and a Flush is just about as great as it gets.
    • High Card: Not often do you win with the high card on the table, unless it is High Card e-juice from this line! You’re bound to take home the jackpot with this winning combination of raspberries and sweet almonds!
    • 4 of a Kind: Caramel, cream, bananas, and pineapples… this lineup really is “4 of a Kind!” The blend of fruit flavors will tantalize your palate with their tanginess, while the creamy and sweet undertones make everything nice and smooth!
    • Straight: A wonderful hand to go with a wonderful juice. Straight is a powerfully flavorful combination of green apples, pomegranate, and strawberries over a bed of cream that will keep you in the game until the money is all yours.

    You don’t need luck on your side to come out positive with this line of juice!

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