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Dirty Pig

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    For some reason, it was brought to our attention that even the filthiest of animals love themselves some cotton candy! That's right, pigs love their cotton candy, but that's not all they love. As with their usual diet, they like to sprinkle in some other flavors to bring their dessert to the next level. 

    *All Dirty Pig juices are a Max VG blend and come in 30ml bottles*

    • Mud Bath: Somehow the caramel-bathed apples got tossed in with the cotton candy on one beautiful evening, and the Pigs fell in love. Nowadays, Farmer Brown needs extra help on the farm to keep those Dirty Pigs from fighting over their favorite treat!
    • Barnyard Blitz: Farmer Brown forgot he left the strawberries and bananas outside overnight, and those Dirty Pigs went and mixed them with their cotton candy! What he found in the morning left his jaw on the floor. The Pigs were jumping for joy with their new flavor blend!
    • Great Hambino: The Great Hambino literally knocked it out of the barnyard with this fruity banana cotton candy mix. Some say this could be the best flavor to ever surface the barnyard!
    • Fluffy Trotters: Some cotton candy comes in pink, but sometimes you find it in blue! Well, it wouldn't be that way if it weren't for the thoughtful experimentation of the Dirty Pigs. Blue raspberry cotton candy is a hit wherever you go. Thanks, Pigs!
    • Hog Trough: Splish, splash, and we're takin' a bath...Right after we hit the hog trough! Who knew that Dirty Pigs love watermelon cotton candy? Not us, that is until they broke down the barn door to tell us!

    Vape all five and you'll see these Dirty Pigs are really on to something!

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    1. Mud Bath & Fluffy Trotters

      Although the flavor is not too strong, the sweet candy makes it taste good. I wish the cotton candy was more noticeable but I'd buy it again. on 27th Oct 2016

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